Message from CEO

Ilia Salita

President and CEO
Genesis Philanthropy Group

The history of humankind can be defined by how different cultures interact with and impact each other.

Over the course of many centuries - centuries that have included some of history’s most tragic and glorious moments - our Jewish ancestors succeeded in preserving what was most essential: the inherent identity of the Jewish people.

Russian-speaking Jews provide a classic example of such perseverance. Despite revolutions and wars, persecution, bigotry and attempts to deprive us of our own history, we hold onto a common body of values and a deep sense of our heritage - the importance of family, a passion for learning and self-realization, an appreciation for our culture and a commitment to global Jewish peoplehood.

The worldwide contributions of Russian-speaking Jews in the arts, sciences, medicine, literature, and of course, the creation of philosophies as well as political and social movements, are well documented. The involvement of Russian-speaking Jews in these critical sectors represents an expression of Jewish identity that seeks to make the world a better place.

Genesis Philanthropy Group was established to strengthen Jewish communities around the world through ensuring that current and future generations of Russian-speaking Jews are connected to their heritage, armed with the tools and a passion for contributing to the Jewish community in innovative, impactful and lasting ways - endowing our children and grandchildren with a rich sense of history, so that the past is not forgotten, Jewish culture endures, and the Jewish people thrive.

As a foundation, we cherish the legacy of the perseverance that preceded us. In order to preserve this legacy, we strive to ensure that future generations also share a sense of pride in their history and culture.

Our most fervent hope is that the programs we help incubate and the ideas we support will be our way of contributing to a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.

Ilia Salita,
President and CEO
Genesis Philanthropy Group