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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

“An Essence of Objects” Art Exhibition

“An Essence of Objects” Art Exhibition

“An Essence of Objects” is a series of 21 paintings of various Jewish objects (shofar, mezuzah, sevivon, tefillin, etc) designed to introduce general Russian audiences to Jewish culture and traditions using commonplace household and other items from daily life.

A central element of the exhibit is that there will be no title or explanation under the paintings, thus creating a sense of a quest, which will give visitors an opportunity to guess at and think of what each item might be. Small cards with exhibition symbols, titles and explanations will be available at dedicated spots in the exhibition area; the cards can be also taken home as souvenirs.

“An Essence of Objects” exhibition is a great project idea, which opens the world of Jewish history and culture by introducing the audience to Jewish traditions, material and spiritual culture, religious customs and family life.

Goals and objectives

  • To organize an art exhibition at a Moscow gallery of symbols of Jewish daily life, in order to introduce Jewish culture and traditions to the Moscow public

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