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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Educational Video Conferences

Educational Video Conferences

In 2008/09, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported a series of videoconferences for the Jewish communities of Perm and Ulyanovsk. The project attracted children, teenagers, university students and members of several women's and family clubs.

Via videoconference, Israeli university instructors gave lectures on the history, traditions and culture of the Jewish people. Participants were able to not only listen to the lectures, but to also take an active part in discussions with leading specialists in Jewish education. The interactive nature of the sessions facilitated easy information uptake and noticeably increased the session's effectiveness. The project was organized by Jewish community leaders from Ulyanovsk and Perm, in collaboration with the Istok Organization.

Goals and Objectives

  • Form the Jewish identity of the youngest program participants by introducing them to the basics of Judaism.
  • Enhance university students' knowledge of Jewish history, traditions and religion.
  • Offer Jewish education to members of women's and family clubs.

Current Grants

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