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Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas

Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas

  • Grant period: 2013 - >>
For the first time, in 2013 the Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas took place in Odessa — a city that once served as a hub of Jewish life and creativity in Russia (now Ukraine). With a slow-reading of classical texts penned by the literary giants of "Jewish Odessa," participants gained an understanding of the way in which this literature transformed Jewish life and eventually helped give birth to the Jewish State.

The festival program was prepared with the support of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Odessa Literature Museum.

Readings were led by prominent Israeli and Russian literary critics. Participants – top FSU students, who passed a selection process, and young professionals (ages 18 to 45) – were able to choose one of three streams: literature in Hebrew, Yiddish literature or literature in Russian, with a follow-up in-depth study and analysis of the texts and further discussion.

All readings were accompanied by lectures, workshops, literary discoveries, visits to the homes and neighborhoods of the featured authors, and evening edutainment programs. All activities had a strong focus on community-building.

This project was supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group as part of the Small Grants Program.

Goals and objectives

  • Give young professionals and students an opportunitiy to learn more about Jewish texts and their roots in the history of Russia and Ukrain.
  • Built a base for further communication between young scholars and lovers of Jewish Literature.
  • Promote Jewish knowledge among a larger audience.




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