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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Holocaust Foundation

Holocaust Foundation

The Holocaust Foundation is one of the few outspoken Jewish organizations in Russia that has consistently promoting Holocaust studies and values of tolerance since 1992. It preserves knowledge on the Holocaust by gathering testimonies and historical materials, and by publishing books on the subject.

After-School Tolerance Programming

GPG funds several extracurricular classes in Moscow schools that focus on preventing the spread of xenophobic and anti-Semitic tendencies among teenagers in modern-day Russia. In addition to the history of the Holocaust, teenagers are exposed to vibrant examples of Jewish culture and tradition.

"There Is No Such Thing As The Holocaust Of One Nation"

In 2008, the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center and the Holocaust Foundation developed and tested an innovative methodology of extra-curriculum studies with Moscow high school students. The project involved 422 students. During organized meetings, students analyzed lessons of the Holocaust and discussed possible ways of fighting xenophobia and anti-Semitism in today's Russia. A men's Jewish choir, Hassidic Capella, participated in the lessons.

The Russian research and educational Holocaust Center and the Holocaust Foundation

In May 2010, GPG awarded a grant to develop the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center and the Holocaust Foundation. The grant will allow the center to broaden the spectrum of its activities and to establish international collaboration and partnerships.

The center's goal is the preservation of the memory of the Shoah on the territory of the FSU, re-energizing the efforts of Jewish communities, educators, researchers, school students and youth organizations in preserving information about the victims and collecting witness accounts of the Holocaust from its survivors.

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