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"Holocaust – Is That a Wallpaper Paste?"

"Holocaust – Is That a Wallpaper Paste?"

A new documentary about perceptions of the Holocaust by two ordinary, young Russian girls. The film participated in the 35th Moscow International Film Festival documentary program, where it was the only entry from Russia.

Twenty-one-year-old twin sisters appear on a Moscow TV show and give a stunningly ignorant explanation of the Holocaust. But a Russian journalist and filmmaker Mumin Shakirov offer them an opportunity to learn more, accompanying them to Poland for a tour of Auschwitz. Will this trip mean anything to these non-Jewish siblings? Will they perhaps undergo a transformative experience, demonstrating that education can touch those uninformed about Nazism and the Jews?

The film was very well-received by the Festival audience, resulting in a "Question & Answer" session with the producer after the screening.

This documentary has received excellent coverage in the Russian media, prompting various discussions about the Holocaust and its understanding among young adults in Russia and other FSU countries.

After the Moscow International Film Festival, the film was invited to participate in several other cinema forums in Russia and abroad. It has also been screened for the Jewish communities in Moscow and beyond. The film is likely to be shown on Russian television as well.

The project was implemented by Baktriya Film and financial support was provided through PREKO charitable foundation.

Genesis Philanthropy Group has supported this project under the Small Grants Program. The grant enabled finalization of the post-production process, along with writing of music and sound-recording.

Goals and Objectives

  • Disseminate knowledge about the Shoah among Russian-speaking Jews around the world.
  • Strengthen the national identity of Russian-speaking young adults by studying the Holocaust and the heroism of the Jewish people.
  • Develop innovative methods for working with teenagers and young adults to prevent and minimize neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic attitudes among youth.
  • Preserve Jewish heritage and transmit it to future generations.






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