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Jewish Theme in the World Cinema

Jewish Theme in the World Cinema

At least nine monthly meetings devoted to Jewish contributions to the world cinema, as well as the reflection of "Jewish themes" in the works of filmmakers from different countries will be prepared and organized.

Each event will consist of a review of the movie with its further discussion. The range of films will vary, from well-known to little known, to the general public. During a moderated discussion meeting, participants will discuss the history, culture and traditions of Jewish people or the issues raised in the film and the contribution of the Jewish people to world culture. All selected films will either be produced by Jewish directors or have a topic related to Judaism.

This grant is a part of Grassroots annual competition, organized by Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA-Federation of New York. The goal of the competition is to discover and support the best local initiatives aimed at the revival of Jewish identity, the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and the development of socially active Jewish communities.

Goals and objectives

  • Develop a cycle of lectures on Jewish related themes, using world cinematic materials.
  • Organize at least nine meetings of the film club.
  • Create and promote film club activities on the Internet and in social media.

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