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Photo Exhibition "Portraits of the Elderly: a New Look at Old Age"

Photo Exhibition "Portraits of the Elderly: a New Look at Old Age"

The project is aimed at changing youth stereotypes about older people, i.e. their lack of interest in life, little social role in a modern society, neglecting older people's experience.

The project plans to collect stories and make photographs of the elderly that would demonstrate their proactive positions. The materials will be presented in a series of photo exhibitions and on the specially created project site.

This grant is a part of Grassroots annual competition, organized by Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA-Federation of New York. The goal of the competition is to discover and support the best local initiatives aimed at the revival of Jewish identity, the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and the development of socially active Jewish communities.

Goals and objectives

  • Select at least 10 heroes from the Jewish community and conduct interviews and photo sessions with them.
  • Create and promote the project site.
  • Organize at least three photo exhibitions at various Jewish and non-Jewish places.
  • Make an electronic exposition at the website.

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