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Podarok Project

Podarok Project

  • Grant period: 2013
"Podarok" - is aimed at increasing self sufficiency and well being of young socially vulnerable Jewish women living in Kyiv, as well as giving them knowledge on Jewish history and tradition and introduce them to the nowadays Kyiv Jewish life through master classes on hand made presents and various lectures on Jewish tradition, holidays and history.

The program also includes lectures on basic financial, marketing and legal aspects of running the business which will then help these women in becoming entrepreneurs. 

All master classes are taking place in various Jewish places of Kyiv, including synagogues, educational and community centers which give women a wide knowledge about Jewish life of the city. 

At the end of the project an exhibition of the best gifts produced during the project will be held and later on all the items will be donated to the local Jewish community during the Hahukah celebration.

This grant is a part of Grassroots annual competition, organized by Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA-Federation of New York. The goal of the competition is to discover and support the best local initiatives aimed at the revival of Jewish identity, the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and the development of socially active Jewish communities. 

Goals and objectives

  • Form a group of participants of the training course from the pool of the socially disadvantaged young women and young girls (aged 17 to 38) of the Kiev Jewish community (those who are on maternity leave, unemployed, students, etc).
  • Organise training sessions on the creating of hand made gifts with Jewish symbols.
  • Organise an exhibition of the best gifts in some of the Jewish organizations in Kyiv.
  • Publication and distribution of the illustrated catalogue featuring the best handmade gifts.



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