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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Stepping Towards Eachother

Stepping Towards Eachother

In 2015, with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group, the Jewish charitable fund Beiteinu – Our Home implemented the Step Forward project to support internally displaced Jewish women and children in Ukraine.

The project aims to increase self-sufficiency and well-being, as well as teaching Jewish history and tradition and introducing participants to contemporary Jewish life in Kiev.

Women will benefit through a series of hands-on classes and lectures on Jewish traditions, holidays and history. The program also includes lectures on basic financial, marketing and legal aspects of running a business to encourage entrepreneurship.

Children, in parallel, will learn Hebrew alphabet and various art techniques.

Goals and objectives

  • Preserve the cultural heritage and history of Ukraine’s Jewish community
  • Improve the socio-economic status of Jewish families in Ukraine
  • Contribute to participants’ self-actualization
  • Rehabilitation of, and adaptation to, the new living conditions of displaced women, children, youth, and invalids.

Current Grants

Past Grants