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The Head Trick

The Head Trick

The Head Trick is an educational project that brings together Jews ages 18 to 35 from Saint Petersburg.

Currently engaging around 400 individuals in interactive educational events, the project attracts many participants who are unaffiliated with other Jewish community initiatives. Genesis Philanthropy Group is supporting for the continuation of the project through the development of several exiting projects, including the MaSpeak! Debate Club and “Live Quests.” These components create a forum for the most active participants and support several trips outside of Saint Petersburg where they share their projects and experience with other Jewish youth.

Goals and Objectives

  • Further the concept of “self-liquidating” projects” that become self-sustaining
  • Endow the participants with a sense of responsibility to their community
  • Strengthen the tradition of Tzedakah among Jewish youth
  • Improve the quality and content of Jewish events

Current Grants

Past Grants