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Jewish ArtEck

Jewish ArtEck

The Jewish ArtEck summer camp brings together over 60 Jewish youth from Germany, Israel and the FSU to learn about Jewish history, art and tradition.

This year, the camp celebrates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany, while emphasizing the Jewish values, culture and customs shared by Jews worldwide. The grant supports both the camp and the launch of a new J-ArtEck Madrichim School — a training program that will prepare a new cadre of youth leaders to organize future summer camps.

Goals and objectives


  • Introduce Jewish heritage and culture to Russian-speaking Jews from Israel, Germany and the FSU
  • Motivate youth to explore their Jewish roots and strengthen their Jewish identity in order to ensure continuity of Jewish life in their communities
  • Convey the belief that one has the right to choose one’s own Jewish identity

Madrichim School:

  • Engage Jewish teens and young adults in Jewish educational programs and activities
  • Motivate young leaders to take ownership of their Jewish education and knowledge, and to take responsibility for their communities
  • Promote mutual respect among Jews from different communities and countries