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International Grants

Jewish Students Seminar in Berlin

In 2009, the European Center for Jewish Students developed the Just One Shabbat program.

Just One Shabbat is an international European program that gives Jewish students and young professionals from different countries an opportunity to have a New Year’s celebration together in an informal and peaceful atmosphere.

Jewish students from Europe were provided with an opportunity to enjoy a joint trip during their New Year’s vacation.

Not only did the program's participants learn something new about Jewish culture and philosophy, they got a taste of Jewish cuisine and discussed contemporary social and ethnic problems that are of interest to them.

A grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group provided a partial subsidy for the cost of the program's events for 21 Russian-speaking participants from Israel and the FSU.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Counteract the assimilation of Jewish youth living outside of Israel.
  • Establish an international European Jewish student community.
  • Enhance the Jewish identity of Russian-speaking Jewish European students.
  • Unite European youth through joint creative initiatives and social events.