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  • Grant period: 2012->>
The Phoenix project is a complex innovative Holocaust educational program and a joint venture of two well-known organizations in the field of Jewish education - Yad Vashem and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

The initiative includes professional training for madrihim from the FSU and Israel, preparatory seminar for participants, an educational journey to Poland, post-seminar, and follow-up volunteer activity in the field.

The target audience of the project is Taglit alumni from FSU, and the project is capable of turning to a first standard "Post Taglit" program. It should enhance the powerful experience of Taglit, along with strengthening the basic knowledge on the Holocaust acquired during the journey in Israel.

Yad Vashem contributes its immense expertise in Holocaust studies, providing the program's content and methodology. JAFI attracts the unaffiliated Jewish youth in the FSU to participate in Jewish community life, using their organizational infrastructure in the FSU and educational experience and capacity in this field.

A pilot project took place in July 2012. At that time, 15 young leaders from Israel and FSU took part in an educational trip to Poland. In spring 2013, an additional 120 young community activists - Taglit alumni from FSU - will participate in the project.

The project is implemented by JAFI, Yad Vashem and supported by EJF and Claims Conference. The logistic operation is provided by "Israel Experience Educational Tourism Services Ltd".

Goals and objectives

  • Build a strong post-Birthright (Taglit) program among FSU communities.
  • Strengthen Jewish communities in the FSU by developing of the volunteer movement in communities in the FSU.
  • Strengthen Jewish consciousness among Jewish youth in FSU.
  • Preserve the memory of the Holocaust for Soviet and European Jewry.