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An international winter camp for Jewish students, held in Israel in the winter of 2015.

As in its last years, in 2013 and 2014, it draws a truly international audience, bringing together 80 participants from the former Soviet Union, Germany and Israel.

The camp is built on the previous year's successful model of experience, including improvements that enhance the participants' experience. Led by an experienced team of educators, the seminars attract students and young adults who are grappling with their Russian Jewish identity in vastly different cultural environments.

The international student camp enables the participants to explore questions of identity, further their Jewish knowledge, and build friendships in an atmosphere that will connect them to their Jewish heritage.
The place that was chosen for this camp is a desert; the name of this camp is "A-Midbar Medaber". The desert accompanied the Jewish people throughout the large part of history so this location is a great advantage for the educational program.

Goals and objectives

  • Bring participants from vastly different environments together to explore their joint Russian Jewish heritage.
  • Create a safe and welcoming platform for intellectual exchange and social interaction focused on Jewish values.
  • Encourage the participants to grow in Jewish knowledge.
  • Preserve the connection among the participants.