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Russian-Jewish Filmmakers Documentary Showcase on Jewish Life Television Network

Russian-Jewish Filmmakers Documentary Showcase on Jewish Life Television Network

Founded in 1999 by long-time activist, author, and journalist Phil Blazer, the Jewish Life Foundation promotes education and understanding among cultures worldwide by utilizing all facets of the media to provide community outreach programs, educational programs, and cultural events that embrace, celebrate and share Jewish values and traditions.

In 2011 and 2012, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported Russian-Jewish Filmmakers Documentary Showcase, the airing of three Russian-Jewish themed documentary films on Jewish Life Television Network, a television channel operated by the Jewish Life Foundation. The films will include, among others, Across the Narrow Bridge by Dmitry Khavin (New York, USA) and Kiselev’s List by Yakov Kaller (Moscow, Russia).

Via this initiative, Russian-Jewish documentary filmmakers will be able to showcase their remarkable work broadcasted on national  television, increasing their prominence in the Jewish community and, even more importantly, that of their subject matter. Through these films, the American Jewish population will receive an exciting introduction to the history and culture of Jews from the Former Soviet Union.

Goals and Objectives

  • Forge stronger connections between the mainstream American Jewish community and the Russian-speaking Jewish community.
  • Allow Russian-Jewish documentary filmmakers to exhibit their art through a leading Jewish channel, increasing their exposure in the community.
  • Educate the American Jewish community about the unique heritage of the Russian-speaking Jews and their impact on Jewish history.