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  • Grant period: 2012->>
Sambation - The Creative Jewish Community - has worked successfully in the FSU and has attracted hundreds of young intellectuals to its unique Jewish educational activity worldwide.

Since summer 2012, the project has opened its activity in Israel as an integral part of the educational activity of the Russian Forum Library in Jerusalem.

In th eprogram, young creative Jewish intellectuals gather around the Russian Library in Jerusalem explore Jewish heritage in a program of weekly meetings and intensive interaction with their colleagues from other similar programs in the FSU through regular video conferences, weekly meetings, two educational seminars and an exhibition in Jerusalem.

During the program, the participants acquire new tools and opportunities to explore and develop their personal Jewish world.

Organizers believe that the Russian Jewish community in Jerusalem and in Israel will gain cultural and social perspective from the activities of the empowered group as a whole and of its members in particular – and, more importantly, from the emergence of new educational and cultural leadership on the local "Russian Street".

The project Sambation in Israel is operated by Russian Forum Library with support of GPG and Jerusalem municipality.

Goals and objectives

  • Develop new Russian-Jewish intellectual leadership in Israel.
  • Encourage cooperation between Jewish activists with Russian-Jewish cultural background worldwide.