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Tour of American children Jewish camps by representatives of the FSU Jewish camps

In 2010, educational program directors of five Jewish community organizations (from St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Kiev and Zaporozhye), who specialize in children’s summer camp programing, toured some of the most successful summer camps for Jewish children in the United States, and met with a number of Jewish organizations wich work with the Russian-Jewish community in New York.

The directors visited the summer programs BIMA/Genesis at Brandeis University, Havurah at Tel Yehudah, as well as three programs from the NJY family of camps. Program participants not only learned about the American experience of organizing and running summer camps for Jewish children, as well as about several programs focused on Russian-speaking Jews in New York, but also shared with their North American colleagues their ideas, their experiences and their perspective on Jewish education in general and identity-building in particular.