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Yahаlом summer family camps

Yahаlом summer family camps

  • Grant period: 2009-2012
Genesis Philanthropy Group has supported the Yahalom educational organization since 2009. Yahalom organizes summer family camps in Jerusalem, for both families who repatriated from the FSU and Israeli families.

In 2009, about 100 Russian-speaking parents and their children participated in the project. In 2010, the number of Russians-speaking Israelis increased to 250, out of a total of 600 camp attendees.

The four-day camp program consists of several modules led by professionally trained and experienced leaders. Participants take part in various group and family-based educational projects, visit Jerusalem museums and historical sites, learn about Israeli history and study Jewish texts.

In 2011, with the support of GPG, an international program was added the camp. The new program brought together 100 parents and their children from the Saint Petersburg Jewish community and 100 Israelis from Be'er Sheva, Nazareth Illit and Ashkelon. It was based on the existing curriculum of Yahalom for family-based education and ensured that each participant gained something valuable: some were introduced to Israel for the first time, while others improved their existing knowledge of the country.

The most important achievement of the program, however, was the cultural exchange made possible between Israelis and Diaspora Jews – participants came away with a new sense of meaning generated by the understanding of their common heritage and history, and enriched learnings that engaged all members of the family.

In 2012, a total of 200 children and their parents from Russia and Israel took part in the Yahalom international program.

This project is being supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group, the Joint Distribution Committee, the UJA-Federation of New York, the Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Alliance for Jewish Renewal. Program participants contribute as well through a co-pay requirement.