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Beit Midrash Kushia

Beit Midrash Kushia

  • Grant period: 2011

Beit Midrash Kushia is a KOLOT educational program for Russian-speaking Jewish women in the form of a Beit Midrash (the traditional Jewish form of learning), to introduce participants to core religious Jewish texts in Russian. The program is created specifically for women who are new immigrants to Israel. It is expected to have an impact on participants' understanding of such core values as home, motherland, body, family history and Jewish origins.

Goals and Objectives

  • Introduce Russian-speaking Israeli women to Jewish texts in Russian in a comfortable format and setting.
  • Help form their Jewish worldview.
  • Encourage participants to think creatively about Jewish traditions, to read Jewish texts in the original and to formulate a personal relationship with Jewish texts.

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