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Educational Project in Yemin Orde School

"Yemin Orde Youth Village" is a home and a school to disadvantaged youth-at-risk, aged 8-19 from over 20 countries around the world, with the majority from Ethiopia, the FSU and Brazil.

The symbolic and experiential activity "Connections: Immigrant Youth and Jewish Identity" is implemented within the youth villages for the purpose of introducing Israeli immigrants and at-risk youth to their rich Jewish heritage. At this critical stage of their lives, youngsters are developing their personal identities, and the activity is helping them to strengthen a positive Jewish identity and feeling of belonging to the Jewish State.

A unique aspect of the program is teaching about Judaism not only in order to impart knowledge and instill values, but more importantly, in order to help the participants acquire an understanding of their own place within the Jewish people.

The foundation supports experiential program activities for over 200 young Russian-speaking immigrants in order to enhance children's connection to Israel and to the Jewish faith.

The project program includes seminars and special full-Sabbath programs in addition to lessons, unique activities, outings with host families, and more:

  • Seminars for 10th - 12th graders, including trips to the Diaspora Museum, Jerusalem, guest lectures and workshops.
  • Shabbat seminars with full-Shabbat experiences for tenth and twelfth grade children.
  • Evening educational classes for small groups of children called "Jewish Heritage".

Goals and objectives

  • Strengthen personal Jewish Identity by bringing Judaism alive in a positive light.
  • Connect participants with their Jewish heritage, mainstream Israeli society and the Jewish people.
  • Enable participants to find a place for Jewish values and customs within their lives.

Current Grants

Past Grants