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Future in the Desert

Future in the Desert

The project aims at strengthening Jewish and Israeli identity and knowledge among Russian-speakers through partnership and collaboration with veteran Israelis by means of culturally sensitive, creative methods.

The project is implemented throughout the southern region of Israel, focusing on the Negev (Netivot, Yeroham, Kiryat Gat, Dimona, BeerSheva), and includes three main components:

  • Leadership project and training in Kiryat Gat
  • Workshops and communal projects in Netivot
  • "Seminars-on-wheels" and a three-day summer camp for parents and children from Negev towns.

This project enables each individual to participate in activities with their peers from a similar cultural background, creating a sense of shared community, and gives them an opportunity to learn more about Jewish heritage and Israeli culture in a conducive and culturally appropriate atmosphere, while developing and expressing their unique multi-faceted identity. The project also strengthens the connections between generations, based on Jewish culture, values and knowledge.

A cadre of young, Russian-speakers in the Negev benefits Russian-speaking Israelis in the Negev as well as Israeli society in general. During the project, younger participants become more conscious of the importance of the Jewish-Israeli identity in dialogue with their Russian-Jewish identity. They also develop a connection to other Russian-speakers from various waves of immigration which have integrated into Israeli society.

The range of project activities involve wider circles of Russian-speakers in developing and strengthening their own and their families' and/or communities' unique Jewish-Israeli-Russian identity and joining with others to invigorate communal life in Negev towns.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a stronger Jewish-Israeli identity and more positive attitudes to other Israelis.
  • Obtain practical experience in planned communal activities inspired by Jewish-Israeli culture.
  • Provide young Russian-speakers with the Jewish cultural knowledge and tools that they need and want.
  • Create motivation, experience and ability to apply this in their own lives and families.
  • Bring up new informal communal leaders and role models for the participants and larger audiences.



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