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Hillel Israel & Phoenix

Hillel Israel & Phoenix

Hillel Israel's participation – Students from the Ben Gurion University of Beer Sheba took a part in the Phoenix program (cooperation of Yad Vashem, JAFI, JDC and Claims Conference) which main aim is to create a broad environment of Jewish youth across the FSU and Baltic States who have all undergone various educational and leadership programs in Israel or in the FSU.

As a follow up, the Israeli students who took a part in the Phoenix entrepreneur program created the following new projects to share their knowledge and to involve newbies to the activities in their Campus:

  1. "Once upon a time in Kitchen Counter" - is a project that will hold meetings between students, Holocaust survivors and veterans to relive the taste of Eastern European, Jewish cuisine and recipes as well as lead the opportunity to record life stories and the story of survival of these people. The students have collected the recipes and stories and have published a cookbook with tips of well-known Israeli chefs in May 2015.

  2. Fundraising Event – the students in BGU deseeded to make this event to fund a tour for the veterans and Holocaust survivors from Beer Sheba and the area to the old city of Jerusalem. The students will take a part in the tour to ensure dialog between the generations.

  3. The Recruitment Party in BGU to bring new participants to Hillel on campus – " Taste of Eastern Europe Cuisine" – will lead the participants to through the RussianJewish culture and cuisine's stories which should interest them with the activities on campus.

  4. A trip to the Western Wall. During the series of meetings between students and veterans came up an idea to take veterans to the Wailing wall in Jerusalem, since the students discovered that most of these veterans have never been there before. The trip took place on January 16, 2015.

  5. Introducing and deepening the knowledge regarding the Russian Jewish culture and language – series of 5 meetings for the Hillel students in BGU campus.

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