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Masa Discovery

Masa Discovery

This project is a special version of the educational program, tailored for young adults from the former Soviet Union (FSU) who are participating in The Jewish Agency's flagship program, Masa Israel Journey.

Masa Discovery is a special project for young adults (ages 18-30) from the FSU who are already participating in the state-run Masa Israel Journey program. Masa Discovery is a four-day trip across the country focusing on self-discovery and education about Israel and the Jewish people.

The Masa Discovery educational program is comprised of a multifaceted preparation session prior to the trip, a life-changing personal, social and people-hood experience during the journey itself and summarizing meetings following the trip. Interspersed through-out the journey are special ceremonies prepared by the participants and group workshops where the various experiences are processed. Each day of the journey begins at the crack of dawn with communal group learning related to the day's theme.

2015 is the second year of implementation of this project for more than 800 participants from a wide range of Masa programs. In the first year, over 400 participants took part in two Masa Discovery sessions. Each Masa group goes on a 5-day journey.

Goals and objectives

  • Strengthen a participant's personal, Jewish and Israel-oriented identity
  • Enhance the sense of responsibility for, and connection to, the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the State of Israel
  • Develop a sense of pride in being a part of the Jewish people and the Russian-speaking Jewish community
  • Familiarize participants with the heritage of the Russian-speaking Jewish community and its contribution to the Jewish people and to Israel
  • Facilitate meaningful encounters among young Jews
  • Create meaningful, shared experiences that will enrich participants' time in Israel.
  • Create a high quality basis, within the educational process, for continuation of the program in Israel, particularly with a leadership group
  • Create a unique group of young leaders from among the participants who after having had the deep educational experience during the Masa Yisraeli, will later meet for a follow up seminar.

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