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Sport L’Tsafon

Sport L’Tsafon

Sport L’Tsafon is a Haifa youth center that has been in existence for over 10 years. The key activities of the center include various educational and developmental programs for teenagers. The main focus is given to athletic clubs, competitions and summer camps. Athletic clubs overseen by the organization engage nearly 500 teens, most of whom come from Russian-speaking families.

In 2008–2009, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported three projects:

  • Representatives of the White and Blue;
  • Eretz Israel V’Tanach;
  • International summer athletic camp.

The first two projects offered the following:

  • Lectures and seminars on the history and geography of Israel;
  • Lectures and seminars on European Jewry and the meaning of the Shoah for the Jewish people;
  • Intellectual games and a theater class;
  • Tours of Israel's museums and memorial sites.

The center also organized an international summer athletic camp, attended by the Maccabi children's soccer team from Moscow. Each project engaged 80–100 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 from FSU immigrant families.

Projects organized by the Sport L’Tsafon Center are supported by the Municipality of Haifa, the Pa’amei Tikva Fund and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Foster a sense of belonging to the Jewish people among teenagers from FSU immigrant families and develop their Jewish identity.
  • Help teenagers overcome cultural and social barriers during their absorption in Israel.
  • Enhance the participants' understanding of the meaning of the Shoah for the Jewish people.
  • Increase teenagers' interest in the social life of Israel.
  • Create a natural educational environment for teenagers.

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