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Tikkun Shavuot Night –"Time 2 Love"

Tikkun Shavuot Night –"Time 2 Love"

  • Grant period: 2011-2012
The city-wide Shavuot youth Festival is a combination of diverse cultural and educational items, linked by a series of special tours.

On Shavuot night in May 2012, Bina initiated a one-of-a-kind educational festival that was held in everal locations in Tel Aviv simultaneously with participation of multiple partners. The theme chosen for the festival is relevant to the holiday as well as to many young adults - "Time 2 Love".

More than 1000 people took part in the festival's events; all of them were young Israelis (ages 20-35), both native and Russian-born.

The Festival provided its participants with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of this holiday through a wide range of activities: study sessions - Batei Midrash concerts, excursions, lectures and workshops. The diversity of the program allowed each participant to choose a relevant path to explore Shavuot themes from different aspects of modern Judaism, contemporary Jewish philosophy, art and culture.

The festival was organized by Bina in collaboration with "Levontin 7 – community club", "Lev community" and Fishka.
BINA is a Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture and a forum for secular Israelis to explore their Jewish roots in a pluralistic and creative way.

Goals and objectives

  • Engage youth in dialogue on modern Jewish issues.
  • Create a multicultural exchange in Tel Aviv based on Jewish "language".
  • Attract organizations dealing with modern Jewish identity to work on a mutual project.
  • Create an educational, arts-cultural, action-based event in the city, using various public locations for the festival.


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