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Tzabar Parents

Tzabar Parents

The generation of young Russian speaking Jewish parents in Israel is growing; a generation that can be characterized as having made aliyah to Israel as children or teenagers and mostly come from backgrounds characterized by a lack of access to Jewish tradition, culture and education.

They must now decide, as new parents, exactly what kind of Jewish household they want to create for their children. As parents, they point to their lack of acquaintance with Israeli Jewish cultural items appropriate for young children and toddlers, and a lack of family traditions appropriate for celebrating holidays. There is now a window of opportunity for these families while their children are young, to build their Jewish Israeli and family identity, and to expose those interested to Jewish, Israeli and Zionist culture.

Current project suggests action in two main directions:

  • Open programs for more than 200 Russian speaking families all over Israel, strengthening their connection to Israel, Jewish continuity and identification via nature/ city family tours, summer family camp and Jewish holiday events.
  • Local SabRus group activities for Russian speaking families, which will work on values mentioned above, as well as building local social network of active families interested in Jewish and Israeli culture oriented meetings.

And in addition, the project provides a 4-day long summer camp for 80 parents and children, 5 main Jewish holidayevents, 7 family tours (outdoor and in cities/museums) and 3 mini-seminars for parents.

Goals and objectives

  • Strengthen Jewish continuity and connectivity to Israel among young immigrant Israeli families.
  • Raise an awareness about the bi-cultural and social integration dilemmas in the Israeli society .
  • Create social network of young immigrant families; to provide them with a positive Israeli Jewish experience and facilitate sharing of their unique identity- &culture-related dilemmas.

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