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Hurricane Sandy Jewish Education Relief

Hurricane Sandy Jewish Education Relief

  • Grant period: 2013
In 2012, following widespread destruction in the New York City area brought on by Hurricane Sandy, Genesis Philanthropy Group established a Hurricane Sandy Jewish Education Relief Fund.  

The fund provided Jewish education subsidies to families that experienced substantial property damage during the storm, and were meant to ensure that Russian-speaking Jewish children will have continued access to quality Jewish education, even if their families could not afford it during this time of struggle.

Individual Hurricane Sandy Relief grants were given to Mazel Day School, Kings Bay YM-YWHA, Jewish Community Center of Staten Island, Staten Island Hebrew Academy, and JCH of Bensonhurst.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure that children from families impacted by Hurricane Sandy are not forced to leave/not start Jewish educational programs.
  • Show Russian-speaking Jewish families impacted by the storm that there is community support in difficult times.
  • Ensure that a Jewish education will stand out as a priority in the lives of young Russian-speaking Jewish families.
  • Help schools and community centers serving Russian-speaking Jews maintain their enrollment and revenue streams in a time when both are likely to be negatively impacted.

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