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Grants in North America



Limmud, Hebrew for ‘learning’, are organizations that promote informal Jewish education for young adults by organizing conferences and smaller events. The conferences are held annually and attended by Jews of various ages, professions and socio-economic statuses. In 2009, Genesis Philanthropy Group sponsored three such conferences.

Funding from GPG allowed Limmud Colorado, Limmud Los Angeles, and Limmud New York to expand their outreach to Russian-speaking Jews. Representatives from Russian-speaking Jewish communities received stipends to attend lectures, seminars, Jewish text study sessions, exhibitions, and performances, as well as other events designed specifically for Russian-speaking Jews.

Financial support for Limmud was provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group along with other generous funders.

Goals and Objectives

  • Give Russian-speaking Jews the opportunity to participate in a Limmud conference.
  • Encourage young Russian-speaking Jewish adults, who previously had not participated in their Jewish communities, to volunteer at a Limmud conference.
  • Make the Limmud conference more attractive and interesting to its participants by expanding the range of topics for discussion.

Current Grants

Past Grants