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Platforma began in 2014 as a three-day international summit in upstate New York area for outstanding Russian-speaking Jewish community initiators, where participants build collaborative networks, expend their community skills and inspire each other with creative ideas on how to foster vibrant and pluralistic Jewish life in Russian-speaking Jewish communities around the world.

The summit was one of the Schusterman Connection Points, a series of local and thematic peer-led gatherings that bring together hundreds of talented young Jews.

During the summit participants and experts led a number of dynamic educational sessions including workshops on arts and culture, informal Jewish education, Israel advocacy; capacity and skill-building sessions on group facilitation, program development and fundraising. Additionally, participants had an opportunity to meet each other in more intimate groups to share their experience working with specific subsets of Russian-speaking communities or with a particular focus, such as art, theater, fundraising, volunteering, and many others.

In 2016, with the continued support from Genesis Philanthropy Group and Schusterman Family Foundation, Platforma will begin exploring establishment of Platforma Global Network - an initiative that will serve as a bridge between Russian-speaking Jewish community initiators and the established Jewish community. The initiative will identify, cultivate, and supported talented community initiators acting as an international leadership pipeline that maximizes the collective potential of their initiatives and exposes them to the wider Jewish community.

Genesis Philanthropy Group supports this initiative in partnership with the Schusterman Family Foundation.

Goals and Objectives

  • Endow participants with the specific professional skills necessary to advance their work as Jewish community initiators.
  • Provide participants with valuable insights and suggestions regarding their communal work.
  • Enable participants to build new personal and professional connections with other Russian-speaking Jewish community leaders.
  • Deepen participants' overall understanding of Russian-speaking Jewish culture and communal practices.
  • Enable participants to create new Jewish community initiatives that will engage the Russian-speaking Jewish population.
  • Develop a Platforma Global Network model that combines responses to communal need with best practices from the field.

Current Grants

Past Grants