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Six Points Fellowship

Six Points Fellowship

At the core of the Six Points Fellowship is the belief that creative expression is essential to Jewish community, identity, and our understanding of the world.

The Fellowship was created to support the artists contributing to that process. Based on the experience of three Six Point Fellowship partner organizations, Avoda Arts, Foundation for Jewish Culture, JDub, and other current research, emerging artists have the best chance for personal and professional growth through a fellowship model of guided artistic development, project assistance, and professional education. An essential component of the Fellowship is creating an environment that will serve as an "open resource" for participants to connect to Jewish culture and practice, each engaging on their own terms.

This grant supported the attendance of 15 Russian-speaking Jewish artists at the Six Points - ROI Connector Artist Retreat, a multi-day retreat held in New York City in early 2013. The Retreat brought together talented Russian-speaking Jewish artists to learn, develop relationships, and explore what it means to be Jewish in the contemporary world. The retreat included professional development workshops, sharing of work, and Jewish learning. The professional development segment was peer-led and included master classes by art professionals, based on the curriculum developed and tested through the Six Points Fellowship. Additionally, as part of this grant, the Retreat's curriculum was expanded to include components focusing on the Russian-speaking Jewish community and its heritage.

Financial support for this program was provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group along with the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the ROI Community.

Goals and Objectives

  • Create an opportunity for artists to network with their Jewish peers and Jewish community leaders.
  • Give program participants the chance to acquire specific skills to advance their professional careers as Jewish artists.
  • Deepen Russian-speaking Jewish artists' understanding of Jewish history, identity and community.


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