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В аудитории Музея японского искусства «Тикотин» состоялась организованная управлением Mузеев Хайфы при поддержке фонда «Генезис» конференция под названием «Перестройка в Израиле»...

Former JLC chair Jonathan Goldstein said its independence is the “next step in its growth” and will give it “the freedom it needs to continue to service our schools”.

It will continue to provide support, training and resources to schools as stand-alone agency.

Episode 78: Losing hope for Poland

Maccabi GB's annual initiative pairs individuals with a victim of the Holocaust, to share their story and ensure they are not forgotten.

Yad Vashem has been conducting the Pages of Testimony program since the 1950s and has helped hundreds of thousands of Jews...

Museum teams up New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage to create new tool for researching the Shoah.

Three-day get-together at Kibbutz Shefayim welcomed 700 participants and volunteers...

The Masa experience helps Jews of diverse backgrounds appreciate Israel and Jewish life in the present and empowers them to actively shape the future of the Jewish people.

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union.

Episode 77: A year of headlines: 2021 in review

With 119 speakers and an audience of around 2,000, the Israeli American Council event gathered thought leaders and influencers.

Хэви-метал на идише – и такое тоже бывает.

15 декабря 2021 г.: в эти выходные в кибуце Шфаим, недалеко от Тель-Авива, прошла конференция Лимуд Израиль 2021...

Центр научных работников и преподавателей иудаики в вузах «Сэфер» проводит зимнюю школу по иудаике...

After two years of living under the shadow of Covid, the gathering last weekend of more than 700 Russian-speaking Jews...

After a two-year long hiatus from residential trips, ‘Leadership by Streetwise’ returned with its first in person residential weekend.

В студии 9 канала директор по маркетингу проекта "Таглит" Иван Гончаренко.

The trips will resume Dec. 19, according to a memo.