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Новый фильм режиссера Алексея Федорченко "Война Анны", мировая премьера которого состоится 28 января на Роттердамском кинофестивале, примет участие и в международной конкурсной программе кинофестиваля в Гетеборге.

Russian filmmaker Aleksey Fedorchenko is one of the filmmakers to watch.

Альдо Иццо – капитан дальнего плавания, который после выхода на пенсию стал хранителем старейшего еврейского кладбища в Венеции.

В интернете проводится кампания народного финансирования новой картины режиссера Алексея Федорченко «Война Анны», отобранной для участия в Роттердамском кинофестивале. 


The aim of the Eshkolot's Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas is to re-read classical ancient and modern books in their original urban context with live commentary from university scholars, as well as to re-interpret the city text of Venice through particular codes of Jewish literature.

Two months ago, Harvard University announced the start of a new lecture series focusing on Russian-speaking Jewry. The series will include presentations by an Italian scholar about Russian Jews in Italy, a talk about Russian literary culture in Israel, and a presentation about the survival of Polish Jews in Stalin’s Russia during WWII.

Two global Jewish leaders will discuss the current state of Israel-Diaspora relations, their vision on future opportunities to strengthen the bond between the Jewish people around the world and the challenges of Jewish communities in Europe and beyond.

The port city of Odessa on the Black Sea was one of the main cities in which the Jews lived and flourished in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was the spiritual, literary and Zionist inspiration for generations of Jewish writers and thinkers, including Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Chaim Nachman Bialik, Ahad Ha’am and many more.

The annual Winter Limmud FSU event will be taking place at the Schwartz-Reisman Centre on Sunday, Feb. 11, and will feature lectures and programs for Russian-speaking Jews of all ages.

Dan Petrenko, JDY theatre‘s 19-year-old award winning founder, has adapted and directed a new musical production called The Old House, which will be put on by the JDY theatre group.