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350 delegates discussed Israel’s relationship with the Arab world and with international Jewry.

В новом выпуске «Прогулок по Израилю» мы приехали в национальный парк Масада, где Ирод I построил убежище для своей семьи...

Episode 72: Anti-Jewish hate on social media

In the dark days of the Cold War, photographer Bill Aron, the son of a Russian émigré to Philadelphia, traveled to the Soviet Union.

Some of my earliest memories include the Jewish community.  

I first learned that being Jewish had something to do with religion when I was 20 years old and a new immigrant in America.

The last time Limmud FSU held a festival in Kazan in 2016...

The Jewish Funders Network’s (JFN) two-day “Israel Ideas Festival” began yesterday online and in-person in both Tel Aviv and New York.

Episode 71: The life and legacy of Lord Sacks

Attendees learned about Ukraine’s post-Holocaust history, social media marketing in the Jewish world, and the work of artist Marc Chagall.

Movie tells story of 300 Jewish refugee children who lost their families in the Holocaust found new lives in England’s Lake District.

The federation umbrella group’s newest addition is the Jewish Teen Engagement and Funder Collaborative.

For three days earlier this month, Jews from across the former Soviet republic gathered at this medieval city...

Международный научно-образовательный центр (МНОЦ) истории Холокоста и геноцидов РГГУ совместно с Научно-просветительным «Холокост» приглашают учителей...

После пандемического 2020 года осень 2021‑го стала самым желанным временем для проведения фестивалей.

Episode 70: Gilad Shalit anniversary

After 18 months of running award-winning online programmes with JLGB Virtual, and a couple of pilot returns...

На этой неделе завершился 7-й Московский еврейский кинофестиваль (МЕКФ).