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Израиль — уникальная страна, с какой стороны ни взгляни.

Episode 63: We need to talk about Poland. 

19 августа в Мемориальной синагоге Российского еврейского конгресса (РЕК) на Поклонной горе откроется ежегодная Летняя сессия по теме Холокоста для преподавателей СНГ. 

Как стать резидентом «Мойше Хауса» и откуда берутся деньги на тусовки...

Episode 62: The Great Divide. Do we still have a centre ground? Israel, identity & community.

Display, sponsored by GPG, charts the seismic changes unleashed on the USSR, triggering its disintegration as well as a mass exodus of Russian-speaking Jews.

Episode 61: Antisemitism doesn’t count on social media

The funding, from Genesis Philanthropy Group, will help the umbrella organisation deal with Covid's impact on fundraising.

Hillel and the ADL will together create a college-level curriculum on antisemitism...

Over the last year, Jewish college students took it upon themselves to combat antisemitism at their schools.

Episode 60: The life and legacy of Jackie Mason

The atmosphere was hushed in the sunlit living room of Moishe House Northern Virginia...

Впервые в Израиле, в хайфском городском музее, пройдет выставка, целиком посвящённая репатриантам из СССР.

The prize is a gift from his children, funded by them, for mid-career achievement.

Event hosted by PaJeS and supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group will now become an annual fixture in the calendar.

Episode 59: My Unorthodox Life Podcast

Бывший генеральный консул Израиля в Нью-Йорке Дани Даян будет назначен председателем Яд ва-Шем.

Dani Dayan, the former Israeli consul-general to New York, will reportedly be appointed to serve as the next chairman of Yad Vashem.