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My spiritual true north is a little colder, a little more gray. It’s got a deliciously heavy Russian accent, and it’s drenched in sour cream.

10 октября Молодежная еврейская организация «Гилель» вместе с хедхантинговой компанией Kontakt InterSearch Russia запускает годовую программу «Гилель.Карьера»

The 21st century Jewish world is a sea of languages, traditions, cultures and convictions.

Бейт Лохамей ха-Гетаот (Музей борцов гетто) имени Ицхака Каценельсона - первый и единственный в своем роде музей в мире...

Never before have Jews – as individuals and communities – faced so many opportunities and had so many true friends.

Jewish Funders Network chief executive said the new show is 'a space for exploring and debating the ideas that matter in philanthropy and the Jewish community'.

Authors who wrote extensively about Chernivtsi, which was once described as “the Jerusalem of Ukraine”, are recognised in a new display.

26 сентября в галерее «Триумф» в Москве состоялось мероприятие для сбора средств в поддержку молодежной еврейской общины.

New Jersey delegation attends FIDF national gala, helping raise record sum for Israeli soldiers.

Teams of four students encouraged to submit ideas to implement in their schools for share of cash prize.

Исполнилось 10 лет проекту Ресурсного центра еврейского просвещения.

В Москве рассказали о духовных плодах славянской гебраистики.

Anna Lublina's "Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka" is an interdisciplinary performance rooted in the liberating potential of queer translation.

Acknowledging a growing rift among Jews and the increasing challenges presented by a shifting of Jewish identities...

Курсы «Арэль» – уникальный проект, созданный для подготовки репатриантов и детей репатриантов к армейской службе, отмечает в эти дни пятилетнюю годовщину.

The size and spectacle of the event, for which Jewish News was media sponsor, underlined the “game-changing” nature of the new youth eVOLve volunteering programme led by JLGB.

With a backdrop of doom, gloom and uncertainty enveloping society, it’s no wonder a recent survey found that, for the first time in generations, many parents are worried about their children’s future.

The site is where 33,771 Jews were killed in over just two days by Nazi soldiers in September 1941, will have a new education centre and momentum.

Israel's Holocaust memorial museum will mark the 80th anniversary of the Second World War with a new display using personal stories.