Dear friends, partners and colleagues,


We are writing to you at the end of an incredibly challenging week. Many of us, as many of you, are personally affected by the crisis and have been watching the unfolding events with great distress. War is never the answer. Bloodshed and destruction are its only result. As the tragedy in Ukraine continues and the humanitarian crisis worsens by the hour, Genesis Philanthropy Group, along with so many others, has mobilized to respond, doing what we have done in other times and places - help Jews in danger.

Earlier this week GPG announced $10 million in emergency assistance to Ukrainian Jews. This emergency aid package will support urgent needs, such as evacuation, food distribution, basic safety and care for the elderly, infirm and orphans, as well as efforts to preserve critical communal infrastructure.

We want to thank all of those who have rallied to support the victims of the war and join you in the hope for peace. We are committed to continuing our efforts for identity-building and education in Jewish communities around the world and look forward to the day when we will be able, once again, to focus on our work in these areas.

Gennady Gazin
Chairman of the Board
Genesis Philanthropy Group

Marina Yudborovsky
Genesis Philanthropy Group