In December 1919, following a stormy passage from Odessa, the "Ruslan" ship landed at the port of Jaffa.

It is often called the Mayflower of the Land of Israel, since its 600 passengers included many figures who would enter the Zionist pantheon: intellectuals and ideologues, artists and poets, leaders and activists. One hundred years after its arrival, and on the occasion of the centenary of the Central Zionist Archives, the story of the Ruslan – and the subsequent achievements of its notable passengers – presented through artworks, archival film excerpts, photographs, manuscripts, and historical documents, allowing visitors to enter the world of some of the people whose influence on Israeli culture and society is felt to this day.

Today the story is availible online in the shape of a dramatic documentary, prepared by the Israel Museum, while most of us are still under a lockdown. 

The exhibition was prepared with the support from Genesis Philanthropy Group.