Moishe House is "a place where young adults in their 20s come together and create vibrant Jewish communities."

Moishe House, an organization dedicated to connecting and engaging young Jews through peer-led programs, has opened a new center in Los Angeles - the sixth of its kind and the first to offer one of the largest populations of Russian-speaking Jews in the US a place they can call home, The Jewish News reported last week.

According to its website, Moishe House is "a place where young adults in their 20s come together and create vibrant Jewish communities." The organization has more than 100 communities in over 25 countries, while each community is shaped by the individuals who are part of it and by the initiatives they choose to promote.

The organization provides young Jewish adults with the resources, living space and freedom to pursue their own dreams and bring them to life within their community. This strategy of empowering young adults while letting them create their own path seems to be working - Moishe House alumni often become leaders in their local communities. 

In LA, Russian-speaking Jews comprise 10 to 15% of the local Jewish population, according to The Jewish News. Most of them live in the area of West Hollywood, where the Moishe House center is located.

“Russian-speaking Jews are integral to the diversity of the Jewish people, and bring a unique culture to our Moishe House communities around the world,” said Moishe House Chief Executive David Cygielman.

And the eager young adults did not wait for long before starting building their new Moishe House community. Last month, they held their first event - a virtual Russian-style New Year party - which according to its organizers, was “focused on dispelling bad memories of 2020 and looking forward to 2021.”

A new resident of the new LA Moishe House told The Jewish News that he hopes to set up events "that will let community members feel welcome and connected through common values, culture and history.”

Moishe House communities are supported by the Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG.)

“Around the world, Moishe House can serve as a key resource for creating community and shared bonds. This newest one will build on the global success of the model, helping young adults create programming that is relevant and engaging,” GPG Chief Executive Marina Yudborovsky told The Jewish News.

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